Full optimized functionality in Your grid by our support..

With a complete system design from Techinova you can be sure that we take full responsibility for your project. We contribute with high competence, extensive technical resources and with a great deal of experience we manage the process all the way from initial field-survey to a safe and sound system solution. Our team makes sure that the solution is tested, installed and up and running accordingly. Our services, of course, also includes education and training sessions with your operating staff related to the new functionalities and capabilities. Should further support be needed you can count on instant support from us, we keep detailed log-files and project data that makes it easy for us to assist you on short notice.


Due to Techinova´s great experience and technical competence we can by your request advice on different or alternative technical solutions and evaluate relevant and critical factors needed to be considered in your internal analysis. Techinova staff do have long
experience and are well known for their competence and most important, the
integration of new modern functionalities into existing, infrastructures.

Desktop survey

Desktop surveys from Techinova are highly appreciated by our customers. From given geological coordinates we simulate radio paths making a first analysis on suitable radio paths and/or which type of communication most suitable. In our analysis we consider
different alternatives and possible solutions for the best possible development of your systems. The result from our desktop survey gives a good platform when estimating coming costs for your investment. Our desktop surveys are, in most cases, free of charge and the purpose is to give Customers and Techinova a shared view on the probable extent of the project.

Field survey

Once the desktop survey is accepted and decision on the investment is taken by our customer we take the project process further and start up the initial field survey. We carefully measure all objects included finding the optimal signal strength and most efficient
communication. We provide you with a Field Survey Report with maps showing the
position of your objects, a list of Radio networks and by request, also a revision/version history.

Based on the Field Survey Report Techinova conclude a detailed proposal on a system-solution for the customer. The proposal includes thorough and precise data on environment/terrain, existing equipment and its placement and we specify the new products and apparatuses  which shall be added clearly. Should a distribution company or a related service organisation carry through a field survey by its own right, we will be happy to assist with education and we also offer a product kit containing equipment needed for a proper survey.


All products included in systems designed and supplied by Techinova are carefully configurated and customized to fit properly in your specific, and often unique, environment. Each of the different products included are tested before delivery from Techinova. Once the
system from Techinova is installed we offer commissioning based on routines and
procedures stated in our internal quality manual. When commissioning and the integration of the system is done we perform a test on functionality, checking and securing the performance. In connection with the commissioning we briefly inform and educate your staff on key functionalities and some operating details..

Educational sessions and product training

As an add-on to the education sessions given in connection with commissioning Techinova offer special education sessions and product training going deeper in to software set-ups and configurations. We also educate and train for field survey. These two training sessions consists of  one practical field session and one theoretical session. Techinova provides all for the training sessions necessary equipment and materials, we also arrange annual events focusing on product education and technical up-dates on product development.

Service and Support

Service and Support from Techinova is customized, very much in the same way as our different system solutions are. Most of our customers have unique environments and needs and it comes naturally that also the after sales services from Techinova have to align properly with the different conditions of our customers. Due to the high competence and the
experience from many years in the business Techinova´s engineers and technicians has a great knowledge and experience from working with a multitude of different manufacturers and old, sometimes obsolete, technologies. We can easily support needs connected to old product solutions integrating new technologies and products with the Techinova technology of the 21st century. We keep many critical components in stock and works tightly together with key actors and manufacturers in our business making short delivery times for products as well as engineering issues possible.

Techinova also offers monitoring services, Facility Management operated from our mainoffice in Karlskrona. As all equipment from Techinova can be tracked by us through a USB-port we know exactly where in your network our equipment is located.  This means that we can send software files replacing corrupt, e g by lighting, to the unit and by this reduce downtime. The ability to track our units means also that we can upgrade the software in
our units remotely from our offices.

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