TETRA modem

TETRA modem



Many of the European countries has agovernment agency with the task of developing society's ability to prevent anddeal with accidents and crises. The TETRA system is based on an internationaltechnical standard designed for this type of application. The system is digitaland the transmissions can be encrypted so that interception is not possible.The Tetra system is built and planned to cope with severe weather conditionsand power outages. For example, dual connections are used in most places andthe goal is for the base stations to have back-up power for seven days of poweroutage. Techinova holds a TEA2 license at MSB and the TechiNode ™ system islisted in MSB's approved Telematics products.


When TETRA/RAKEL is used in theTechiNode ™ system, you also get several features and functionalities similarto our private radio solutions, such as measuring of the signal strength and theset alarm levels in the TETRA/RAKEL network.


By mixing TechiNode ™ Radio-RTU andTechiNode ™ TETRA/Rakel-RTU into the same network, a cost-effective and stablecommunication network is created.


TechiNode ™ TETRA/RAKEL base stationprovides the same good features as the TechiNode ™ radio base station. You canalso mix the TechiNode ™ radio RTU and the TechiNode ™ Rakel RTU within thesame network. This gives very interesting topology advantages, for example, ifsome points in the network lack TETRA/RAKEL coverage, adjacent TETRA/RAKEL RTUcan repeat the message over radio. This means that the TechiNode ™ system'sgeographic coverage is expanded, at no additional cost.

Base stations can be locatedanywhere within the TETRA/RAKEL network, eg. in a power network station or in apole mounted cabinet.

Among the functionalities are: protocol support for SCADA(DNP3 and IEC 60870-5-101), integrated  database for reduced load on the network,adaptive routing table and remote support and configuration. Techinova uses SDSmessages. Integration into the TechiNode ™ system is seamless with retainedradio wave test and signal level testing capabilities.