Techinova IPC-750

Automation solution for power production and power distribution.

TechiNode IPC-750 is a stationarycomputer for automation in power production and power distribution. IPC-750 issuitable for distribution stations, for example.IPC-750´s software consists of COPA-Datas powerful Zenon software and gives youfreedom and flexibility in your business without the risk of locking in to aspecific provider. The software is certified for the OS platform and providescommunication with 300 different protocols.

 - Stationary computer for stationautomation

 - Integrated Straton SoftPLC (IEC61131-3)

 - Complete features for power andstation automation

 - Communication with IEC61850 /IEC6140025, IEC60870-5-101 / 103/104 etc.


Data security in RTU / PLC / HMIapplications requires constant improvements. With more than 20,000installations worldwide, the software is proven solution.

- KEMA certified IEC 61850 driver

- Encrypted network communication

- Data encryption with password andhash

- Certified for OS platform

- No data in plain text

- Binary runtime database (No SQLsolution)

- For NERC / CIP we provideinformation and documents

- Complies with IEC 62351


Configuration is done throughstandalone editor, same software used for SCADA systems. All the functionalityrequired in an energy automation project is ready for use without programming.Create advanced applications through configuration resulting in dramaticallydecreased time-flow. Use and reuse fast, quality assured and completedfeatures.

HMI / Multi-Touch

The IPC-750 can beexpanded with HMI with full support for multi-touch. Full functionality, from two-handedoperations to advanced features such as zooming or scrolling with two fingersand also predefined multi-touch upon login.

IEC 61850 driver is KEMA certifiedand meets all requirements in the "Edition 2" standard. In theconfiguration software, there is an integrated SCL editor, which canautomatically create complete single-line schemes for HMI based on the XMLfile.