TechiNode™ RS15 - up to four outgoing lines

RS15 – a cost effective RTU for secondary substations for up to four outgoing lines.

The demandsof the distribution network are continuously increasing. New technologies enable new possibilities. More equipment in the network needs to be monitoredand remote controlled. The possibilities of rapid recovery of outages or indeedproactive actions before an outage has happened has increased. Different typesof measurements have become more important.

For the substation automation product segment, the RS15 RTU´s is the base of the offer.This cost effective RTU is the brain of secondary substations. It enables remote and local control and monitoring of the technical equipment in the substation thus reducing outage times and costs. Standardized protocols are being used enabling remote control of both new and old auxiliary equipment and maximizing profits of already made technical investments. Many new types offault indicators and relay protections are supported enabling proactivemeasures before an outage has taken place. All RTU´s supports several wireless communication technologies such as; built in dPMR, Tetra, LTE, NB-IoT, LTE Mand LoRa in addition to wired IP.

ExistingIED´s can be connected through the hard-wired parallel interface or serially through several standardized protocols (Master implementation IEC, DNP3 andModBus protocols).

Standardizedlogic to automatically restore power is integrated as easily selectablefunction blocks.

A widerange of default mappings are available for easy integration into existingSCADA infrastructures.

Eventdriven communication by database exchange, relaxing the communication bandwidth demands to a non-critical parameter.

The RTU´shave support for Protrol S-EFI, Sensitive Earth Fault Indicators, enablingreliable directional detection of small earth fault down to 500mA. The patented unique technology only requires three phase currents that can be retrofitted hot by means of clampable CT’s  also provided by Techinova.


TechiNode™RS15-RTU – main function summary

·        Remote and local control of up to fouroutgoing lines (Switchgear, CB’s or actuators).

·        Up to 5 directional S-EFI and overcurrentindicators (serially)

·        Local alarms

·        Hard-wired paralleled local interfaceI/O: 16 DI, 8 DO, 4 AI, 4 AO

·        Master protocol IEC 60870-101-5, DNP3and Modbus RTU for serial connection of local IED´s.

·        Communication: built in dPMR, Tetra,LTE, NB-IoT, LTE M and LoRa in addition to wired IP.

·        Built in dPMR 10 kbit with datacompression for further enhancement

·        Local panel for indication of outgoinglines and true local/remote switch

·        Built in true UPS with temperaturecompensation, deep discharge protection. Batt/LOV alarms

·        Local poll cycle of IED´s 115 kbit withevent driven communication to SCADA