TechiNode™ RS15 remote unit

A customized and flexible remote unit


The TechiNode™ RS 15 Remote Unit is available intwo versions, 8 or 16 digital I/O respectively where the 8 I/O version  is often used for the control and monitoringof switches and auto-reclosers etc… The 16 I/Ounit is commonly used in connection with stationautomation, e.g. for network monitoring and control. Read more aboutstation automation.


One unit – several features

The RS15 Remote Unit's primary taskis to enable remote monitoring and remote control, but the unit can handle alot more. In addition, new features are continually added. See examples below:

· Fault indication and localization

· Handling of station alarms

· Local I/O: 16 DI, 8 DO, 4 AI

· Master protocol IEC 60870-101-5,Modbus RTU for serial connection to relay protection fault indicators, PLC / RTUs.

· Communication: Private Radio andRAKEL can be run in the same system.

· Radio / -RAKEL networks provideextreme reliability in all weather and provide real-time access to remotenetwork stations

· Local control panel withindication


· Built-in UPS with batterymanagement

· Converts polled protocols toevent-driven.