TechiNode™ Repeater

Extend communication distance

Repeaters are used to extend the communication distance from point to point, such as between base station and remote stations. The Repeater is in most cases placed on a natural high pointor in a mast. TechiNode ™ Repeater is built and delivered in a cabinet that is customized depending on indoor or outdoor installation. Radio coverage dependson; data rate, signal output, antennas, antenna height and local topology.

All communication units have repeater functionality.

All our communication RTU´s have repeating functionality. This gives significantly increased radio coverage and removesthe need for dedicated repeaters. However, there are occasions where a dedicated repeater is necessary.

 • Power supplied from the gridand 48 hours of rechargeable backup battery

• Alarms proactively when the battery needs to be replaced

• Indicates Power outage, activity, and diagnostics

• The repeater handles up to 60 different devices

• Remote monitoring