TechiNode™ BRS71 – base station

TechiNode™ BRS71 – a Base station / Concentrator with built inintelligence

TechiNode ™ BRS71 is a base station/ network concentrator built on the IEC 60 870-5-101 protocol. BRS71 supportswireless connection to underlying TechiNode ™ RTUs. The built-in wirelesssupport includes a solution for private radio and / or Rakel designed by us. Also,information from third party RTUs can be forwarded serially through TechiNode ™Gateways. A reduced number of parallel systems makes BRS71 very user-friendly.

Third party IED’s (RTUs, relayprotection, etc.) can be integrated.

Stable communication at a High speed

TechiNode ™ BRS71 comes with a databaseincluded, allowing event-driven updating of statusfrom TechiNode ™ devices. This provides a communication that is significantlyfaster than a traditional wireless network.

BRS71 is delivered cabinet-mountedor fitted for a 19 inch rack, you can also install BRS71 directly on a DIN-rail. BRS71 has abuilt-in Ethernet port that supports TCP / IP communication and is deliveredwith or without IP connection.

BRS71 is delivered with or withoutUPS, at your choice. It has integrated I / O support which allows local I / Omanagement as well as a concentrator for underlyingTechiNode ™ devices.