Modern and proven soft-ware platform adapted for power distribution.

Techinova's SCADA system is based onthe COPA data soft-ware platform Zenon. More than 20,000 installationsworldwide make this soft-ware platform a well proven solution. The SCADA systemis created from the COPA data's Energy Edition and is adjusted and adapted byTechinova to suit the Swedish power distribution market. An increasing numberof power distributors choose this platform. Techinova has a good number ofSwedish customers using the SCADA system and can submit several references.

Handles more than 300 different drivers.

Zenon handles more than 300different drivers and communication protocols. Drivers and protocols arecontinuously adjusted and updated according to current conditions and demandsfrom the market.

The system provides you with asolution for remote control and the monitoring of your entire infrastructure.Whether it's local sub-station control, operation and monitoring of distributionnetworks in control rooms or power generation, you can handle all your equipment and devices in the same system.

You can log in through computer andalso receive alarms via smart phones. The SCADA system has a well-developedreport system that automatically creates reports on operating hours, deviationsand other important information.

- The system is easily integrated withother systems such as graphical information systems (GIS) or networkinformation systems (NIS).

- A flexible soft-ware platform

- Solution for remote control, controland monitoring

- Report and filing

- Handles more than 300 differentdrivers and communication protocols

- Log in through computers, receive alarmsvia smart phones

- Integral with other systems eg NIS

- Manage all your equipment and devices in the same system.