Operation monitoring of wind power production

Operation monitoring of wind power production.

The Zenon Operation Monitoring System supports the latest wind turbine protocols.Control and monitor your wind turbines / wind farms in a separate SCADA or,integrated with your regular power management system used for Operational power management. Read more about our SCADA system.

Protocol support for windturbines

WithIEC 61400-25, Zenon Energy Edition is prepared for communication and monitoringand control of wind turbines. An integrated gateway makes process data easily accessible from control rooms by, for example IEC 60870-5-101 / 104, Modbus orOPC UA.

Wind power control and automatic control

Techinovais well experienced with wind power control and automatic regulation.

TechiNode TWR10 - RTU for remotecontrol of wind turbines

Asa distribution network owner you are obliged to receive power produced by wind turbines from large and small producers. This can sometimes cause problems as the producers may be located in different countries, radio signals may be bothanalog and digital and can be difficult to handle. Techinova has, by request from E.ON, developed a solution able to handle different radio signals and equipment from different suppliers. The TechiNode TWR10 – is a wind power RTU with a metering converter with features such as disconnecting, measuring of output power and reactive energy.