Fault Indicators

Fault indication – by customerrequest.


Likeso many times before, this idea was raised by our customer´s. Many of ourcustomers already use Protrol's fault indicators and by cooperating, Protroland Techinova offer customers the possibility to  combine respective technologies reducing theneed for two parallel systems into one. Techinova has implemented support forthe fault indicator IPS2 in our TechiNode-RTUs, and this fault indicator is nowavailable as an option for all our RTU deliveries.


IPS2 is a field detectorfor overcurrent and directed ground fault and indicates directly through itsrelay outputs and IEC 60870-5-101. Since the ground fault detection algorithmdoes not require any voltage transformer, IPS2 provides a highly cost-effectivefault detection with high sensitivity to continuous errors, even in networkswhere the ground fault current is low.


Save hours at commissioning - Wedeliver your devices pre-configured.

Priorto delivery, the devices can be pre-configured with a prepared SCADA mappingfor your system. This facilitates commissioning and saves nstallation andcommissioning hours.