Autorecloser (remote controlled switch with relay protection and re-connection).

By installing an autorecloser intelligence is moved out reaching the outer limits of the power grid allowing sectioning of the power-lines. This enables detailed monitoring of the exposed part.

Most of our customers considers the point for the transition from ground cable to overhead power line as the most cost-effective location to install the autorecloser. A transition point is for example along power lines stretching out from urban sites into the countryside.

Another example of a suitable location for an autorecloser is at a selected section ofthe power line where errors occur frequently. By using autoreclosers sections with faults can be disconnected automatically and thereby minimizing customer minutes lost.

Autoreclosers are often used on long-distance radial overhead power lines to enable selective disconnection of sections.


 -Oil and SF6free

 -30 000 operations at full load

 -Solid dielectric with vacuum interruption

 -Full directional protection for overcurrent, earth fault, negative sequence and sensitive earth faults

 -Advancedvoltage, current and composite protection such as broken conductor, admittanceand harmonic protection

 -Completesuite of Power quality monitoring and logging tools included as standard

- The worlds’ highest resolution SEF feature at 200mA minimum pickup

 -Directional overcurrent protection for both directions in three levels

- All protection features are used as an error indicator (passive, alarm only)

- Class Defining Current and Voltage Sensors, included on both load and source side ofthe device


- IntegratedRTU offering DNP3, DNP3-SA, DNP3 over IP, IEC 618650 MMS and GOOSE, IEC


- Patented Arc fault venting forhighest security

-All material consists of painted stainless steel

- The system is using a sealedspill-proof MAT lead acid 12V 16Ah battery for 48h operation time without mainspower

- Has temperature controlled battery charging and deep discharge protection

 Standards for reclosers

 There are two common standards that manufacturers of reclosers must follow, as NOJA'sunits do, these are:

- IEC 62271 – 111 High-voltage switchgear and controlgear – Part 111: Overhead, pad mounted, dry vault and submersible automatic circuit reclosers and fault interrupters for alternating current systems up to38kV (Ver Table 12).

- ANSI / IEEE C37.60 - 2003Standards Requirements for Overhead Pad-Mounted, Dry Vault, and Submersible Automatic Circuit Reclosers and Fault Interrupters for Alternating CurrentSystems Up to 38kV