Improve communication by selecting the right antenna.

Techinova provides a wide range ofantennas, antenna-fittings and antenna analyzers. When installing antennas forradio systems there is high demands on both design and the choice of materials,there are many aspects that you need to take into account in order to get theoptimum stability of your communication network.

The choice of antenna and where toplace it is of great importance to your communication. At Techinova, we havelong-standing experience and deep knowledge regarding different antennas andwhat to consider when purchasing and assembling. The antennas we use andrecommend are therefore well proven and tested. We have many alternatives, suchas Dipole´s, Yagi and Spider antennas, which all fits in different places in aradio system. Radio modes are sensitive to interference and can cause moreinterference than other types of devices. At Techinova we have deep knowledgeand experience in the matter and are happy to assist you in your choice. Wealso have advanced equipment for testing, troubleshooting and fieldmeasurement.

Techinova has advanced equipment for testing, troubleshooting and fieldmeasurement.

If you have problems with yourcurrent communication or are considering replacing / developing existingsystems, our service technicians may be helpful. Contact us for moreinformation.