The TechiNode™ system


TechiNode ™ is the name of a systemsolution for the power distribution market, developed by Techinova. TheTechiNode ™ system in short,  is aparallel radio network to the ordinary power grid and enables control andmonitoring of the grid, fault detection, measurement, automation of manual taskssuch as open / close of a switch.

The Communication-RTU is the core ofthe TechiNode system. This RTU is highly efficient with regards to functionality,space requirements and energy consumption, and includes integrated radiocommunication, automation and I / O functions. The same encasing hardware canbe used as a base station, remote station or repeater and the functionality ofthe device is decided by the choice of software.

The RTU´s are equipped with VHF/UHF privateradio, giving the possibility to set up communication between measuring pointsor control devices where access through wire or IP is considered too costly dueto high costs for installation works.

The radio modem communicates pointto point or, point to multipoint in larger systems at a distance of > 30 km.

Communication between the radiodevices is event-driven, which means that devices only report in to theTechiNode ™ concentrator incidentally should fault be indicated. This minimizesand streamlines the radio traffic and keeps power consumption low. In order to checkthat all devices are online, an integrity test is performed with a selectablerange, e.g. every 12 hours.

Built-in repeater functionality

The transmission distance isdependent on many factors, such as transmission speed, channelwidth, power output, antenna and topology and this is why the TechiNode™ unit has the repeater functionality included, we increase transmissiondistance. It is possible to communicate with devices that have serialinterfaces such as RS-232 / V.24 and RS-485 or devices with Ethernet, digital,analogue and pulse signals. The devices can, in turn,mirror data between their own inputs and outputs, thus making it easy to acttransparently for connected equipment without the need for protocols.

Several options for communication

With private VHF/UHF radio you “ownyour communication network”, that is, no third part involved. As TechiNode™ system also supports RAKEL and IP you can combine the different modesof communication and use some medium as redundancy.The devices have a very low power consumption and thus long standby time, whichis an important feature when battery back-up systems are activated.

The system communicates safelythrough industry-standard encryption. Log-files and storage of data isgenerated and enable analysis of operating data to prevent interference. Radiocommunication is an ultimate solution for systems that require high reliabilityand security. The owner of the private radio network has full control over hisdata communications network.

The TechiNode ™ system also includes productsfor Sub-Station Automation.